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Comfortable Bedrooms Interior

Luxury interior design from studio Luxury Antonovich design largely determines the future trend in luxury and comfort. This author's project gives a very clear idea how luxurious, cozy and charming interior design can be in a modern style. Elegance and laconic bedroom interior gives a sensual and aesthetic pleasure. Houses design Abu Dhabi underscores the beneficial features of its architectural plan. For the bedroom of the owner very spacious apartment with high ceilings was provided. Most comfortable bed in this space does not look massive. And in the interior quite succinctly sofas and chairs fit without loading a space. Modern style is a perfect opportunity to implement a daring design solutions and create comfort that will give joy and serenity. The interior perfectly combines the traditional aspects and bold original solutions. Laconic design of the ceiling, white expanse is delineated with line of LED illumination, contrasts brightly with the dark wood on the floor. Traditional chandelier successfully replaced ceiling lights that are placed around the perimeter of the floor ceiling. Also a large picture window, which have curtains in a modern style, provides a pleasant level of lighting in the daytime. To be diluted with a little bit darker shades in the floor decor interior designers complement it with light natural carpet with abstract patterns and soft furnishings, which are covered with noble milky textiles.

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