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Palatial Bedroom Interior

The design of the bedroom in the classical style become a worthy continuation of the design of an elite villa. This interior embodies the new trends of the classics which are closely connected both with fashion trends and with the possibilities of new technologies.The decor in the interior is very multifaceted. And herewith the bedroom picture is very holistic and artistically expressive. The design of a classic bedroom is always an abundance of stucco moldings, luxurious curtains, magnificent bedding and beautiful floors.For this interior, designers of Antonovich Design, designed a luxurious decor of the floor of natural marble with carved patterns.The design of the bedroom in bright colors visually expandes the already spacious interior. The bedroom is visually divided into two zones. Zone with a large bed and a sitting area by the fireplace.A beautiful fireplace decorated in white marble fits perfectly into the interior and filled it with the warmth of home comfort and a romantic mood. The design of a classic bedroom is also impossible to imagine without the beautiful curtains of expensive fabrics.The large bed was decorated by a soft headboard with a soft panel and carved decor with gilding.The decor of the wall behind the headboard became a laconic continuation of the bed itself.Thin gold lines of metal provide folds of a panel made of soft blue silk.The interior looks not only luxurious but also very elegant. The stylish design bedrooms created by Antonovich Design are always unique by beauty solutions. The design of a bedroom in a private house usually implies working with premises of large areas. This makes it possible to reveal fully fine traditions of classical style.

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