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When it comes to fashion, there are always certain associations that are associated with the fashion trends of a particular year, own ideas about the beautiful and the desire to get their ideal interior. And all the charm of the designer's work lies in the fact that designer has the opportunity to create independently new fashion trends. The interior design of this fashionable bedroom embodies an interesting intertwining of Art Deco styles, minimalism, neoclassicism and modern style. Perhaps such interiors become the primary sources for the emergence of new styles with their recognizable canons and characteristics. The fashionable design of the bedroom 2018 is primarily the use of fashionable materials. Increasingly popular is gaining such an interesting and versatile metal as brass. Different ways of processing, matting, polishing, aging allow improvise with brass and apply it as decorative inserts for furniture, in the decor of floors and walls. And in this project, interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design offered such an unusual way of using brass as a ceiling decoration. Two deep niches along the entire perimeter are edged with thin lines of polished brass. This adds to the ceiling expressiveness, and the entire interior as whole looks more elegant. Also, the use of semiprecious stones is gaining popularity. The beauty of the stone in its uniqueness with natural ornamentation becomes the basis for creating a unique design of the walls. In this example of the bedroom interior, the accent wall is completely decorated with the natural stone cut tiles. This light and natural ornament echoes with the pattern on the carpet. 4 bedroom bungalow floor plan, 4 bedroom floor plan, 4 bedroom floor plans 2 story, 4 bedroom house floor plans, 4 bedroom single story house plans, 4th dimension interior design, 5 bedroom flat floor plan

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