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Luxury Bedroom Design

The bedroom will always remain the most romantic and intimate place in the house, which belongs exclusively to its owners. Here everything should correspond to their ideas about beauty, comfort, and coziness. This charming bedroom was designed for the eldest daughter of the owners of an elite house Every detail of the interior emphasizes the tenderness of the character of the young girl. This is a wonderful age when you are still a child, but at the same time quite an adult and formed personality. Interior designers of the studio Antonovich Design created a bedroom interior in a classic style with a very gentle and romantic character. The room is dominated by a light palette of shades, in which bright colors added the luxury of textile design. These are luxurious curtains and bedding in turquoise colors. The headboard became one of the brightest accents in the interior. It is upholstered in soft silk velvet with shallow texture. Light and warm mood to the interior is provided by the floor made of light parquet with a soft natural carpet. The walls are covered with delicate ornaments of stucco decoration. Mirrors in the decor of the walls fill the interior with an extra shine of luxury and visually expand the space. The ceiling decor is noble and luxurious. Against the background of a laconic flat surface in a deep niche, a magnificent crystal chandelier in the classical style looks gorgeous. Furniture with carved decor and gilding complements the exquisite charm of the beauty of the girl' bedroom interior. Everything in this bedroom project is flawless and pleases the eye with its beauty.

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