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Cozy Bedroom Interior

The creamy milk taste of the warmth of home comfort is literally spread over the apartments of a beautiful bedroom. In this project, the neoclassic, the art deco accents and the notes of the modern style have merged. Designers of the interior studio Luxury Antonovich Design masterly improvising with materials, textures, and shades in order to achieve such an amazing effect of elegant luxury.Of course, the main accent of the interior become a large bed with a high headboard.Headboard upholstered in soft velvet of creamy hue, and deep shallow recesses give to this element of decoration special charm.Textile panels are one of the most popular elements of wall decor in the interior of the bedroom.It fills the room with especially cozy and soft mood. And also textile panels provide excellent sound insulation, which contributes to a wonderful rest.In this interior, a panel is upholstered with noble textiles with printed patterns. A shallow vertical pull and a line of illumination along the entire perimeter ideally emphasize the texture of the fabric.  The floor made of white marble is decorated with soft natural carpets. The bedroom design disposes for leisurely pleasure from comfortable rest.A large boudoir table with a soft velvet armchair looks great against the backdrop of a large mirror with an original frame.On the sides, the bed was decorated with elegant tables on crystal legs.The spacious premise is divided into two zones. The seating area with sofas and armchairs is located at the window.To zoning space, interior designers use carpets and ceiling decor.

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