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Sometimes happiness can acquire a very specific image and form. For example, this interior design bedroom in the neoclassic style. The best designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design each time surprise and delight customers with unique solutions for interior design. So beautiful bedroom interior project in one of the elite apartments in soft blue colors became a real gem. The interior of the bedroom is characterized by a very gentle and light mood. Gently blue hues predominate in the space filling it with a pleasant sensation of lightness and coolness. The accent wall, behind the headboard of the bed, is decorated with elite silk wallpaper with a damask ornament. To enhance the splendor of the interior luxury and visually increase space, interior designers use such a time-tested moment as mirror panels with edging. The walls are decorated with decorative plaster in silvery white tones. Against this background, a very stylishly and expressive look thin lines of gilding. This gives the interior a luxurious gloss and emphasizes its elite status. The ceiling decor fascinates with its grace. On the pearly white background, the elements of stucco decoration look gorgeous. Stucco molding charmingly plays with light thanks to a lush chandelier with crystal pendants. A large panoramic window was decorated with very beautiful curtains made of silvery-blue velvet that framed translucent white curtains. The floor is covered almost all over the perimeter with a luxurious Persian carpet in light colors. And natural light colored parquet became an ideal addition to the mood of the warmth of home comfort. 

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