There is nothing more beautiful than enjoying a comfortable rest in such a luxurious bedroom. Here, modern style, thanks to the bright accents of Art Deco, acquired the completely different look. It would seem that a few strict forms and lines here look quite festive. A great moment in the interior of this bedroom was the presence of large panoramic windows. Outside the windows, a quite bright and colorful city landscape view opens. So the ideal solution to decorate the interior was curtains in a modern style made of silk of chocolate shade.  Moving eyes to the ceiling, we will see a more vivid picture of a beautiful ornament of gold lines. In the center, the interior is illuminated by a smart crystal chandelier. The floor of light marble and ceiling are decorated in large geometry patterns. Designers had offered to decorate walls in the bedroom interior with modern plaster with the gloss effect. As accents, the authors of the project use beautiful mirror panels with grid patterns of fine lines of polished brass. The additional comfort and bright luxury were given by a beautiful soft sofa by the window with pearl white velvet upholstery and inlays of natural wood, which is covered with gilding. These moments are repeated in the design of a large bed, as well as in two armchairs in a small dressing room. Behind the headboard of the bed, the interior of the large bedroom was decorated with an interesting soft panel with geometric pattern and inlays of the same polished brass. Charming bedside tables and all kinds of lamps make the interior complete. 

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