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Bedroom design NY


Everyone wants to be proud of their home especially their bedroom. Surrounding your self with a bedroom that is inspired by the modern trends with a touch of traditional design. The Luxury Antonovich Design company's goal to design bedrooms that reflects their client's personal taste which also matches their lifestyle. Our team always make sure to work collaboratively with our clients to make sure that our clients are satisfied with our works. We have a broad selection of different fixtures and elements that will give your room the highlight that it deserves.

  • Flooring: We are the best and most reliable in the industry who provides amazing flooring services. Being in the industry for decades, our company has been trusted with our amazing craftsmanship. We provide bedroom flooring with different elements. We make sure that it matches the whole bedroom aesthetic. 
  • Lighting: Functionality is everything when it comes to lighting. It should not only add a nice accent to your bedroom but it should provide an amazing amount of illumination. Our team makes sure that we provide ample lighting and set it up in a manner that it will illuminate the whole bedroom.
  • Color: We always say this but we'll say it again. The color of the bedroom is important especially if you want a nice mood for your bedroom. 
  • Drapes: Curtains help your room to become more private. It also helps filter the natural lighting if it becomes too harsh to handle. We have a wide array of choices for materials that would definitely fit a luxurious bedroom.


Our company makes sure that your room is designed to become a relaxed and cozy space. This bedroom in NY is an amazing mix of modern and cultural looks. The muted palette with the gold and brown accents creates a nice and comfy intimate space. Furnishings are also important when designing a bedroom design. The dark wood finishing also creates an earthy look which is calming and relaxing. Our team makes sure that we install enough amount of storage so that you'll have an area where to store your personal stuff. In this model bedroom, you will notice that it is more modern and bright because of the neutral primary color. We matched every detail and finishing to make sure that this bedroom looks cohesive and well coordinated. The secret to an amazing bedroom is of course by having a vision. Our team has its full focus on each project making sure that it is well planned out and executed from top to bottom. From modern and cozy, to rustic traditional, our team makes sure that we provide the best for all of our clients and clients to come. 

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