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Gorgeous villa bedroom decoration


Beige color is always relevant, its use knows no boundaries, and thanks to various shades of which there are more than a thousand, you can create a unique and beautiful design with specific tastes and preferences. This fully applies to the Luxury Antonovich Design villa bedroom, where calm and peaceful atmosphere comes to the fore.

Why exactly beige?

— This is a neutral color: it is not warm and not cold, if you do not take into account some shades. Beige is not flaming and hot, and most importantly — does not affect the temperature in the room. Luxury Antonovich Design beige villa bedroom will be very cozy and comfortable both in the heat and in the cold season.

— The mood does not depend on this color. Other colors play this role. The interior of a beige bedroom is harmony and peace. A person feels here in complete safety and, indeed, fully rests.

— Beige color — the best thinner in any style, which is combined with all shades and colors. It is not dominant, but it perfectly softens the interior of villa bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design.


Beige provides the perfect combination with a variety of colors. For the bedroom, however, the best option would be to design calm colors: the use of beige wallpaper and wall panels, marble flooring in sandy shades with a greenish-mustard palette of designer carpet and cream furniture. This will favorably complement the decor and act as bright accents in the interior design of villa bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design.

Comfortable and luxurious — this is how beige bedroom with the addition of gold decor and elements of decoration, as well as mirror inlays looks like. Naturally, this combination is more suitable for active and courageous people. Chocolate curtains will protect from daylight, and a large bed with a soft upholstered headboard with a beige veil will complement the interior. Furniture in a beige bedroom — it is also the freedom of creativity, as well as experiments. It will look great as a miniature and large furniture. For example, a huge white bed that occupies half of the room will be the perfect solution for a beige bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design.
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