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The earthy vibe is an inviting and calming environment. If you are someone who loves the earthy and rustic vibe, then this room design is for you. The color palette that we used in this bedroom is leaning towards a more earthy tone. There are different shades and hues in the earth tone spectrum but the color brown and khaki are just two of the most prominent and well-known shades. We always make sure that we got the exact shade that the client wants and work our way around it. The champagne color in this bedroom is oozing with elegance. This color suits this bedroom very much because it gives it that rustic touch without looking dirty. The best way to start is always at the walls. Painting the room first before applying the accents and fixtures to make sure that the base color is secured. Space is also very important when it comes to the bedroom. Having enough space will determine how big your bed can be, and what other fixtures and elements we can bring inside your bedroom. We hope that this bedroom design above will give you inspiration for this Design. Every detail is important that is why our company makes sure that your bedroom is well planned out and designed. 


Not everyone can pull off the earthy bedroom vibe. But not all earthy bedrooms are using browns and monotones. Just like in this bedroom in Toronto, we incorporated a light green shade that will add a pop of color to the bedroom. It adds an accent without overpowering the whole bedroom aesthetics. This bedroom now resembles nature and elegance without looking too loud. This bedroom is a peaceful retreat space that will bring you back to your inner peace. The huge windows also help connect the indoors to the outdoors creating a scenic nature view which connects the outdoors and indoors. The natural lighting also adds more warmth in the room making it look more radiant. As the sunlight hits the champagne shades it makes it look glowy and elegant. The drapes will help to keep your room dark if you want to make it a little shadier. The beautiful plants also add a nice shade of green which complements the elegant champagne walls. You'll also love how we added the area rug beneath the bed which adds amazing comfy texture.  Feel free to hit us a message if you're looking for a more earthy bedroom look. Our professional designers will make sure that we provide you with our amazing work ethics. We believe in creating with love and passion in order to achieve an amazing result. That is why our company has been remembered for all these years – because of our professionalism, dedication, and hard work.

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