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Bathroom Interior in Classical Style

Luxury bathroom interior in classical style became one of the gems in the elite villa in Abu Dhabi. In this interior designers reflected the gold of the sun, and filled it with lush and festive mood. Mirrors in luxurious bathroom interior are framed with carved gilded frame. The front door of mahogany is inlaid with exquisite carved decor with gilding. Two small windows are decorated with two charming unilateral precious silk curtains. They are united by soft pelmet and Roman blinds made of translucent white fabric. Villa design Abu Dhabi in every moment underlines the elite status of its owners. The walls are decorated with precious marble of cream shade, which is complemented by carved patterns. Bathroom area is decorated with two elegant marble columns with stucco capitals. Interior designers Abu Dhabi accented with lines of pastel blue backlighting. Marble tiles look fascinating on the floor with fanciful swirls of patterns. Interior sets happy and pleasant emotions.

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