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Bathroom interior Abu Dhabi

Villa design in Abu Dhabi grand and noble emphasizes gentility and respectability of its owner. The spacious luxury villa became the grandiose project, which included the interior design of several bathrooms. Spacious place with high ceilings opens space for luxury design techniques. Bathroom interior design fully reflects the great traditions of classical style. On the marble floor curls of carved patterns with swirls echoed carved patterns in the decoration of the walls. Luxury massive Baroque frame framed mirrors, filling the interior with the mood of solemnity and grandeur. Marble because of its excellent performance properties and longevity, is the basis of bathroom decor. Oval bath is raised at a low podium, and is decorated with mosaic tiles in warm colors. Expressive and completed image of the bathroom interior is made with art panel near the tub and two fine columns with stucco capitals.

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