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Lovely bathroom interior

What could be more comforting and relaxing way to end your long and tiring day than take a long bath. There's something relaxing about the warm water that runs through the shower. Having a lovely bathroom interior design is a difficult work to do especially if you do not have any idea. That is why the Luxury Antonovich Design firm is always ready to help. May it be small or big decorating ideas they got it covered. 

Gold is Bold

Why gold? Gold is a luxurious color that adds that glorious feeling to the bathroom. Just by adding this small detail will help your bathroom highlight its natural charm. It is an accent color that enhances the design just by adding a small detail of gold. The sink added has a gold accent that looks gorgeous and behind is a huge mirror with gold borders to add that warm and bright shade to the bathroom. The gold accent colors pop out the features of the bathroom and it is also best to be used with the fixtures of the bathroom. The stunning gold accents that are added are definitely added in equal positions that are spread inside the bathroom. Using gold lights can also improve the mood of the bathroom making it look cozier than it is.  

Choosing mosaic

As you can see the tiles inside the shower cubicle has a mosaic floral pattern that adds a romantic feel to the bathroom itself. The wonderful combination of these colorful small pieces adds a great backsplash to your shower cubicle. With different colors that are designed to complete a picture of foliage and flowers, this definitely is not just a simple tile detail but it is indeed a work of fine art, turned into a passion. 

Mount it

The toilet bowl chosen in this bathroom is wall mounted. It's space-saving and still stylish and elegant looking. It doesn't show parts of the tubes and plumbing. The elegant structure of the toilet bowl adds a familiar feeling of luxury to the bathroom. It is not the standard type of toilet bowl which is also perfect for the modern day and age. The wall-mounted style is also cost efficient making it less expensive and budget-friendly for clients. Having this bathroom which has color accents and the beautiful mosaic is truly lovely and one of a kind. This idea is to keep the space clean an make the bathroom look more attractive and elegant and well designed. 

Our firm has so much to offer, from our wide range of products and fixtures to choose from even if it's a bathroom it should not be neglected and it should still be designed by a professional so the room is perfect for you and your family.

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