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Architectural Project UAE

The architectural design combines office and residential buildings. The unity of composition is based on intelligent solutions and original ideas of the authors of the project. Architects masterly operate with such concepts as the environment, style and ensemble. And each of these concepts becomes quite specific forms and shapes. Ideally aesthetic objective of the project is resolved and a harmonious architectural image is identified. Architects UAE selecting architectural methods of work, management of all customer requirements, take into account the location of buildings, especially the surrounding landscape and other factors to optimally solve all tasks. The ideal image of modern architecture, which is created by the authors of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, is based on a unique approach to work. The main techniques of compositions are closely linked and dependent on the characteristics of the objects and purposes. Bold author's ideas and compositional techniques form a unique architectural language. Architects Dubai create art organized forms. This is particularly reflected in the design of residential buildings. In this case, all the details of the architectural composition of the complex are solved. The author creating the composition harmoniously combines internal and external form. The outer shape is different with spatiality, which is revealed by a successive accumulation of visual impressions of the complete image of the object. The wealth of visual images is based on the functional organization of living spaces and a clever use of all necessary means of the composition.

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