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Original modern office design


Office space design is an indicator of presentability and successful business. Be sure to correctly select the style direction. The design of the office in modern style by Luxury Antonovich Design implies the use of new ways of organizing studio space, the use of practical materials in the decoration and a minimalist approach to the decor. In the interiors of office spaces, the idea of open space is relevant, which involves arranging several workplaces in one large room at once.

In order to competently equip a stylish design that corresponds to the profile of work, and to generate maximum trust among visitors, it is better to turn to professional designers of the Luxury Antonovich Design Company. Only our specialist will choose the desired style, advise fashionable interior details to create a single image of an effective company. The interior will cause complete confidence and make a positive impression on visitors. Panoramic windows in modern offices are popular, mobile partitions are completely transparent, original glass or upholstered furniture. Such lightweight interiors help to expand the space, they are light and airy. Its main characteristics are unusual furniture and decor shapes, smooth lines, the predominance of gloss on all surfaces, an amazing play of contrasts in colors and textures.


In the design of the office in modern style, despite its minimalism, you can see a lot of decorative solutions. Luxury Antonovich Design specialists wanted to draw attention to the design techniques that can now be safely applied in the interiors of office spaces.

When developing an office design in modern style, it is not easy to choose a decor for certain spaces. This problem is easily solved with the help of original designer chandeliers of unusual shapes and colors. Practical and unusual office furniture, futuristic chandeliers and potted plants all over the place from the setting that adjusts to the working mood. Such interiors have the most productive work. Neutral creamy-beige monochrome is often chosen as a coloristic background for the design of the office.

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