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Textured Wallpaper Styling

You may need to experiment to find the ideal approach to decorate your textured wallpaper. Combining a linen or velvet wallpaper with a thick carpet might make a room appear smaller, so consider what you're combining your textured wallpaper with. Here are some helpful hints for accessorizing with textured wallpaper:

  •  Use contrasting textures and patterns, but don't go overboard. For example, linen wallpaper may clash with linen drapes; instead, match it with wooden flooring and a woven rug to create a sense of greater space and depth in the room. Similarly, if you use velvet wallpaper, complement it with tougher textures to create contrast.
  •  Accentuate the embossed effect of your wallpaper with items in that color or pattern; for example, if your wallpaper contains glitter, look for glitter vases or sequin pillows.
  •  If you choose a multi-colored textured wallpaper, choose one color for the rest of your accessories and incorporate it into vases, decorations, and even your soft furnishings.
  •  To avoid feeling claustrophobic, use textured wallpaper on a feature wall or two neighboring walls rather than the entire room.
  •  Allow the wallpaper to speak for itself - put textured wallpaper on a feature wall to create a statement, but avoid covering it with photographs or prints.
  •  If you want textured wallpaper that will last, use a modest design in a neutral color

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