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The market of fit-out materials by Luxury Antonovich Design never stops to amaze our customers with the variety, quality, functionality and beauty. Thanks to natural materials it is possible to create a unique interior design. Mosaic as a fit-out material appeared a long time ago. Any interior by our designers will be transformed, will become more vivid and original with its participation. Mosaic is a composition of small multi-colored pieces of any material: ceramic tiles, glass, stone (marble), smalt, wood, etc. The result is a true work of art that can make even the most ordinary-looking room extraordinary.


Mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design never lose brightness and saturation of colors; it is able to liven up walls and give the interior design a taste of playfulness. In terms of its wear-resistant abilities, the mosaic is practically durable, and is also applicable in the interiors of any style, so it has earned popularity among designers of our company. Mosaic applications are many — it can be used in the living room — a colorful picture can decorate one of the walls in the room. Also, the mosaic can be used in the design of niches for lighting, shelves, countertops and for kitchen backsplash, swimming poll bowls, etc. Due to its high resistance to high temperatures, mosaic tiles are often used in facing the fireplace. It can imitate a carpet, or a panel on the wall or floor, can be used for placement accents in a living room or used for decoration wall clocks, window openings, doors and even furniture.


If we talk about practicality, the mosaic by Luxury Antonovich Design in its properties can surpass many other materials, as it is:

— durable,

— heat-resistant,

— not susceptible to moisture,

— and also it is easily washed.

There are many different forms of mosaic:

— square

— diamond-shaped,

— circle,

— rectangle, and the variety of color palette is able to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customer.

The mosaic in the interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is classified into the following types:

— diamond (the most expensive mosaic). Diamond pieces are used as a stylish, elegant, original decoration in interior design. With the help of diamond trim our designers manage to create stunning decor elements.

— stone (elite type of mosaic). It has several varieties: from lapis lazuli, jasper, marble, travertine. This type of mosaic can decorate: stairs, countertops, pool, kitchen walls, bathroom, hallway.

— smalt mosaic. In appearance, the smalt mosaic in the interior looks like smooth glass. The color palette is saturated and bright. The shades of such mosaic possess effect of a luminescence.

— ceramic (produced according to two technologies: like ceramic tiles and cut sheets of porcelain stoneware). The features of this type of tile are increased strength and resistance to water.

— glass. This type of mosaic is resistant to the environment, high humidity, high temperatures, aggressive detergents. It differs from other types of mosaic by frost resistance, durability, heat resistance. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, countertops, floors, partitions.

— metal mosaic (popular in the decoration of the walls). It is made in brass and stainless forms, attached to the base, made of plastic.

Surfaces lined with multi-colored mosaic by Luxury Antonovich Design, create the effect of versatility, movement, they shimmer with precious glitter.

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