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Modern Office Furniture

Modern and classic Italian furniture

Furniture from Italy

Italian furniture designed for enjoying of all its manifestations - the aesthetic, tactile, is characterized by increased refinement and a sense of proportion. The combination of modern and classic, luxury and asceticism in the range of Italian collections allows satisfying the needs of the most sophisticated buyers.

Furniture from Italy choose people with elegant taste, formed views, with a certain status. It is no secret that buying brand Italian furniture - an expensive pleasure. The reason is that the materials used for its production solely of the best wood. They are environmentally friendly, made thanks to modern technology. Particular attention is given to textile decoration. In the latest collections dominated Italian jacquard, silk, cotton, Belgian linen. The products covered with leather continue to hold the first position. The creators use and natural leather, and artificially aged. It gives the interior a special gentility and rigorous look.

The main features of classic Italian furniture

Classic Furniture (Italy) differs by rigor, simplicity, and refinement;

It has elegant forms;
Minimally decorated;
Floral patterns on the upholstery fabric;
The rectangular or oval shape of the backs of sofas.

Classic Italian furniture, the price of which depends on the novelty of the collection will be the perfect complement to the classic style of the interior. The rooms are decorated with Italian furniture, a there atmosphere of home comfort, refinement, and luxury.

In our salon Luxury Antonovich Design, you can buy Italian furniture. An assortment of factories is presented as the classical models and modern. Presented collections to suit all tastes and wishes. A distinctive feature furniture from Italy - for its production use wood of noble species: beech, ash, oak.

The world's top hotels and restaurants you can see items of furniture from Italy. And this is not surprising because the products of the brand have excellent processing properties and aesthetic qualities.

The main features of the modern Italian furniture

Modern Italian furniture is somewhat different from the classical one. This exclusive, original furniture, in the manufacture of which preserved the tradition of using only the highest quality materials. It is characterized by functionality and modern accessories. You can find a set of "living rooms and bedrooms" in catalogs of our website. It is harmoniously combined with each other attributes of furniture, suitable for almost every direction in the interior.

Modern Italian furniture - a combination of a number of advantages:

Products are exclusively made of natural materials;
Modern furnishings are practical and functional. The ergonomic shape allows you to place the items of furniture in any order;
Framed by expensive kinds of fabrics of natural velvet, dense cotton, silk;
Exclusivity. Modern Italian furniture models have a simple form that allows you to create an atmosphere of complete perfection in the room. The beauty and grace of forms, lack of superfluous decorative elements will be appreciated by lovers of sophisticated fine style.

Modern furniture is combined with various interior views. It perfectly complements premises decorated in neo-classical style, high-tech.

We are offering products that can be refined decoration bedroom, living room, kitchen or office. Italian furniture - a great way to give your dwelling a special charm and light gloss.

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