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Modern Office Design


Stylish, modern and functional office interior is the best advertisement of any company. It speaks about the companys values: whether the comfort of customers and partners is important, if they care about the health of the employees, and concerned about environmental issues, whether they have a good taste. Proper office space design by Luxury Antonovich Design helps to shape the image of a successful and reliable company. The office atmosphere is also very important for the internal organization of labor.

The interior of the modern office from Luxury Antonovich Design is saturated with bright and unusual forms of decoration, fit-out and design and non-standard arrangement of work places. We actively use original designer furniture, paintings and even sculptures. In general, everything that allows us to create a stylish and productive working atmosphere for the staff and visitors of the modern office. Such a non-standard approach qualitatively affects the companys image.


The first thing that begins the design of office premises from Luxury Antonovich Design is the definition of the basic style of the interior, the wishes of the customer and, of course, the specifics of the future space are taken into account. An important step is the calculation of the area for each service, the allocation of functional zones and the definition of their relationship. In addition to offices there is a planning of zones of domestic importance for visitors and placement of special equipment.

Modern office design from Luxury Antonovich Design has an interesting zoning and layout. There are both classic solutions typical for most companies — the territory of free space, and a lot of rooms with a closed plan with a non-standard design. The zoning of this office allows us to allocate convenient places for work, rest, meals, coffee breaks, negotiations with colleagues, etc. The premises include a variety of working conditions, including: a reception area, a recreation and entertainment area, a kitchen and a bathroom.

The design of a modern office from Luxury Antonovich Design has a lot of nuances when planning, because important issues that our designers take into account are the lighting — natural and artificial is complement each other and not interfere with work; there are no problems with noise insulation, which is cleverly calculated and used the best fit-out materials; in countries with hot climates, the issue of proper air conditioning is solved using the best engineering systems.

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