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Modern masterbedroom

The flight of a designers fantasy depends on many factors. It is the inspiration, first of all, from communication with customers and penetration into their dreams. But even such a moment as a large area for the project of the interior of the bedroom can add many new moments in creating unique design ideas. The main bedroom in the big house became a luxurious masterpiece in the Art Nouveau style. The main zone is located near a large semicircular panoramic window. Beautiful curtains made of silk chocolate shade evenly distributed with vertical folds around the perimeter of the window. The elegant ceiling was decorated with a polygonal suspension with a lot of lamps and lines of mirror stripes all around the perimeter. The design of the ceiling becomes the most important point in the interior of the bedroom. In such space, in the morning and evening lying in bed, you can admire such bright and elegant details. The large headboard is upholstered in natural leather with a texture in geometric ornament. This extravaganza of bright and festive notes is complemented by the floor design made of natural marble and onyx elements with illumination. Continued the interior by a small living room with stylish furniture in a modern style. A lot of showcases with open shelves and lighting. The ceiling is also strewn with small LED lamps, which gives the bedroom interior a very romantic mood. In the decor of the walls, the matte plaster is decorated with thin strips of polished brass, which mirror the shimmering under the light of the chandelier and lamps. The interior design of the bedroom reflects the future fashion trends in the design of interiors.

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