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Modern exclusive bathroom


None of the residential building or apartment can not do without a bathroom. This is a room that serves not only as a place for daily morning and evening water and hygiene procedures, but also as a place for rest, recuperation and relaxation. In a process of creation bathroom interior design our professional experts of Luxury Antonovich Design think through intelligently and carefully, to the smallest detail. It must be original, beautiful and functional room that meets the latest fashion trends and established hygienic standards.The style and color scheme of the room design always correspond to the individual needs, lifestyle and aesthetic taste of homeowners.

In creating the interior of the bathroom, an important point is 3d visualization. It is quite difficult to imagine a future bath, based only on the project drawings. 3d visualization of the bathroom from Luxury Antonovich Design allows you to feel the space and volume, color and shape of all the components of the interior of the room. You can order 3d bathroom visualization (3d bathroom design) in our company.


When designing a bathroom, our architects take into account all important factors, such as temperature changes and high level of humidity. Therefore, materials for decorating and fit-out of walls, ceilings, floors and furniture Luxury Antonovich Design select moisture-proof, unpretentious in the care and durable. Such a noble and rich material, like marble, has long been used in the interior of residential premises. As a rule, it is used in the design of floors, walls, to create pieces of furniture and decoration. Its unique and complex texture allows you to create a truly luxurious interior.

Marble is undoubtedly royal material. Marble fit-out of the bathroom interior is an exquisite and expensive pleasure. Marble fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design allows you to make a minimalist bathroom design and thanks to the unique decor, the interior will look elegant and stylish. The most gentle and luxurious for the bathroom is white stone. In its composition, the presence of any impurities is excluded, the structure is marked by plasticity and softness. Pliability in processing is ideal for shaping products, and is welcomed in the interior.

Plumbing fixtures in bathroom design match the style and color scheme of the bathroom, combined with its decor and fit-out of walls, ceiling and floor. In the interior of the bathroom from the Luxury Antonovich Design plumbing bathtub with shower cabin and washbasin are installed. The furniture made of specially processed natural wood with a waterproof coating looks gorgeous. To revitalize the bathroom, to fill it with oxygen, to make it more comfortable our designers decided to use tropical plants.

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