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Modern chairs collection


To have a design icon in your interior is prestigious and status. This is especially true for things related to comfort: guests will notice fashionable chairs and armchairs immediately.

Luxury Antonovich Design represents a wide selection of designer furniture in its best performance. With its help, you can create a unique interior and make any room unique and memorable. The modern chairs for the home proposed in our catalog can be used both to create home comfort and delight you daily, as well as to decorate the interior of various institutions (cafes, bars, restaurants or even offices).

The designer chairs presented in our catalog will surely be able to delight and surprise at the same time. However, the more you look at these unusual chairs, the more you understand how well some of them would look in your kitchen, in your office, or even in your bedroom!

In the production of modern designer chairs by Luxury Antonovich Design, craftsmen rarely limit themselves in the choice of materials. Here you will find chairs made of plastic, wood, metal, using various fabrics, as well as tempered glass.


When buying, it is important to pay attention to the fact that designer chairs have a number of distinctive features:

— Originality of design solutions. Here you will find hi-tech or modernist chairs of various design — with round and square seats, with ordinary and crossed legs, low and high, with and without armrests. There really is plenty to choose from, it all depends on your taste preferences.

— The richness of the palette — in Luxury Antonovich Design catalog there are more than 1000 offers and various colors: plain and multi-colored, made in soothing colors and amazing the imagination with rich colors. Choose the model that is ideal for your interior solution.

— A variety of styles — you can order chairs made in various styles — from strict rectangular ones in the high-tech style to unusual curved bright models of the pop art direction.

For the production of designer chairs exclusively original materials from leading world brands are used. After ordering in our company, you not only get an exclusive furniture design for your interior, but also impeccable quality and reliability. Choose chairs for your interior and focus on making them look organically in the room and suit your taste.

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