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Master Bedrooms design ideas

If we have heard the expression 'bedroom in the palace "or" royal bedroom, "then in this way would be presented this interior.The Royal magnificence and splendor of the palace were reflected in the project of a master bedroom in a luxury home by interior designers of design studio Antonovich.Beautiful baroque, rococo and classical had intertwined and have become one part and boundless motif of royal luxury. A huge role in this design project of the luxury bedroom belongs to plaster moldings. Stucco decoration elements have decorated the walls and ceiling.Gilded accents provide elegant and respectable of interior look. Pastel range of pink, green and cream colors creates a very soft and cozy atmosphere.The curls stucco, floral motifs predominate.Interior designers were inspired by the beauty and charms of the French and Italian palaces, to create such an exquisite and unique in its beauty interior of the luxury bedroom.Italian curtains in a classic style became a wonderful decoration of the high arched window. Silk of cream shade with printed ornaments combines perfectly with monotonous light green silk.Charming soft holders in the form of flowers give a special charm to the window decor.Luxurious and magnificent decorations inherent to all other moments in the interior of a bedroom.Natural marble on the floor is decorated with exquisitely carved patterns. Furniture inlaid with exquisite ornaments hand-carved. To enhance the festive mood of the interior, authors of the draft have added to walls decor lines of backlight through the golden openwork patterns.

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