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Luxury villa interiors


Luxury Antonovich Design is a well-known company which mainly focuses on luxury villa interiors. Their projects are thoughtfully designed with harmonious details that are pleasing to the eye. Their highly skilled designers make sure to develop a well-implemented villa project to make sure that the clients love the final result of their spaces. Luxury Antonovich Design has a whole team of professionals in the business. They are the best in the business and they continue to work hard to stay top-notch. Every project is special and unique as they make sure to give it the highest priority. The adherence to standard building processes makes their projects outstanding amongst others. The timeless and classic interior design style is one of the most popular nowadays. These designs are inspired by different artistic views to come up with a well thought-out space for clients. Planning to upgrade your house interior is a difficult task to think about. The head designer of Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich shares her wonderful ideas on what to expect with luxury villa interior design.


You will notice in this luxurious interior design that the materials are widely chosen. From the crystal chandeliers to the marble floors you will instantly notice that it is all made to reflect a luxurious taste. The richness of texture all over the interior creates a fashionable look. You will also notice the intricate details carved in steel and plated in gold to create a beautiful wall accent to the interior. These details add a focal point to the room as it catches the eyes of everyone who will enter your home. Our professional designers make sure that all materials are durable to lessen the maintenance cost. All the materials used should still be taken care of so it does not lose the newness of the home.


Of course, every element in the interior design sets the mood. The Luxury Antonovich Design team is invested in creating the best interior design for their clients, making sure that each element complements the other. The composition of the interior design is important, the same also goes with the execution.

  • Lines: There are different lines to consider in every interior. Clean straight lines indicate a minimalist and clean space, while curves and other designs add a fun a quirky detail which makes the interior look have more depth.
  • Color Scheme: The color of the interior makes or breaks any space. Whether it is the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, the color palette should be complementary and pleases the eyes. The Luxury Antonovich Design team make sure that the foreground, background and accent color add a beautiful and elegant look to the room.
  • Furniture: There are different types of furniture to use. There are classic ones which have bold carvings and there are the minimalist ones which have a more toned down look and cleaner design. Furniture is like an accessory that must confront the color, shape, and quantity.

The innovation of design is one of the main goals of the company. To provide beautiful interiors with a mixture of classic and modern touch. The fusion of different design era makes a house interior unique and elegant. Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know how we can help you.

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