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Many of us are drawn to the more peaceful, clean luxury living room interior design Brunei outside because outdoor by Luxury Antonovich Design, one of the top interior design companies in Brunei, are stripped down and more informal versions of whats going on inside. A designer may plan and create a luxury living room interior design Brunei that looks as beautiful as—if not better than—your living room if your budget allows it. Before you go out and buy cushions and a patio pouf, analyze your yard and think about what youre doing, whether its a professional job or a do-it-yourself one. An outdoor room is a terrific location to relax since it puts you in close proximity to nature: shrubs, trees, aromatic flowers, water features, and outdoor accessories. Is the room close to the house, allowing you to make quick journeys to the kitchen or bathroom? Is the outdoor room large enough to occupy the entire yard? Is there enough room for various activities for other members of the family, such as childrens play equipment, a barbeque, a herb garden, and so on? While a rectangular design makes sense, consider your yards topography. If its long and narrow, a diagonal furniture arrangement or a square room might help to break things up. If your home is modern, your outdoor area should use the same or similar materials and architectural characteristics. Use the same colors and materials as indoors, but in a more relaxed manner.


Opening up your home to create an indoor/outdoor luxury living room interior design Brunei expands your options for what you can do with the remainder of your luxury living room interior design Brunei. This home has a direct connection to the outdoors and makes a strong case for never leaving. Yes, were talking about outdoor living by Luxury Antonovich Design, one of the top interior design companies in Brunei,, but until we figure out how to stop the rain, its a good idea to design your seating sections so that theres always at least one covered place. You have the best of both worlds with a sunroom that opens into a covered outdoor luxury living room interior design Brunei near a pool, and youll never have to call it a night because of the rain. When you have such lovely patio tiling on the ground, you may keep your design selections basic. Even better, you can let the party (or the kids) go a little crazier without having to worry about cleanup. Outdoor tile, unlike carpet in an indoor living room, means no more crying over spilled milk.


Do you want some solitude and protection from the elements? You may surround your outdoor living room with curtain panels. To add visual interest, be deliberate with your hardware and fabric weight. Its your house and yard, but its also the home of the nearby trees, who were probably there first. Cluttered designs, on the other hand, is unnecessary. To ignite your imagination, use existing trees and brushes as design challenges, and construct with nature in mind for a modern organic feel. Outside, combining materials quickly elevates your cool factor. At this modern home, glass and iron mingle with marble and linen to create a sophisticated look that is both elegant and rustic. Long nights spent conversing under the stars with around five to seven of your closest friends—and thats not counting the ones on the butterfly chairs—are ideal for an outdoor sectional. Metal chairs with removable cushions are a common sight in backyards, but nothing surpasses a large, comfortable couch. You can bring the greatest part of your luxury living room interior design Brunei outside with an outdoor slipcover. We also like how it looks with a natural wood coffee table. It will not become dirty as soon as a glass table and will age gracefully.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Brunei

Plot Size: 4,500 sq. M

Built-up Area: 3,340 sq. M

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