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Luxury furniture


The pieces of furniture in our home plays a very important role. Just imagine a living room without a sofa or center tables. It is bland and plain, which does not look so pleasing. Our company – Luxury Antonovich Design designs furniture pieces that are timeless with different artistic visions. We design innovative and well-crafted furniture made with top quality materials that will last long. It is important for homeowners to invest in high-quality furniture which is much practical in the long term. We make sure to meticulously design the pieces of furniture whether it is personalized or characterized by our clients. We have different avenues when it comes to designing luxury furniture. Each piece that Luxury Antonovich Design design exhibits the companys branding and design features. We make each piece stable and very much durable that will last. Our original pieces from quality fabrics are made in proportional design. We take the time in sourcing our the best materials to build our clients the best designer furniture. Here are some of our top furniture pieces for your home.


Each room in your home needs the perfect piece of furniture to give it the overall final look. Each room has an important purpose and style which is considered to be the highlight of the room decor.

  • Living Room: The living room is one of the spaces that need a lot of furniture in it. This is where guests and families stay often. Adding a nice focal point in the living room is one of our main tricks to give it a beautiful twist. It is never complete without a sofa. It is considered as the centerpiece of the living room which adds a nice mood and ambiance to your living room. We will customize each piece to fit your home.
  • Coffee Table: of course besides your sofa is the coffee table. It is another staple piece for your living room. It is important to have one because it serves as a functional piece that is meant to place different things for serving coffee, juice, or even a small snack for your visitors.
  • Accent chair: Our technique in building a home is adding a very few accent pieces that will steal the attention of your guests. We design and upholster an accent chair depending on the theme and look of your home.
  • Bedroom: Most of the time is spent in the bedroom, we make sure to strategize placing the best pieces in your bedroom. We make sure to also add a beautiful and high-quality mattress and pillows for our clients good sleep.
  • Bathroom: This does not need too much furniture. However, it only needs minimal accents to make it look cozy and relaxing.
  • Kitchen and dining: These spaces also needs a little furnishing that is why we just pattern the design of the furniture with the theme of these spaces to give it a nice coordinated look.

We make sure to give our clients different furniture design according to their needs. Our top quality designs will give your spaces so much elegance and beauty. Feel free to visit our showrooms to visualize our amazing designs.

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