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Luxury Apartments

When we talk about elite interiors, we often imagine large houses and villas. However, in modern megacities, there is an increasing necessity to create maximum comfort and a chic environment within the city apartment.And in this design project, the authors masterfully copped this task and created a very beautiful and luxurious interior of the studio apartment in the style of modern classics with accents Art Deco. The interior is characterized by maximum functionality and an ideal organization of space. A pretty large part of the interior is occupied by a beautiful kitchen. Snow-white facades with thin gilding lines are wonderfully combined with working surfaces of natural marble with natural veins of brown shades. Modern kitchen design is directly related to new technologies. And behind these laconic and elegant facades are hidden new storage systems and modern kitchen appliances.To zoning space, designers of interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design use floor and ceiling decor.The floor of natural marble is decorated with large carved ornaments that define the boundaries of each of the zones of a luxurious interior.And the center of each of the spaces defined by a beautiful crystal chandelier.Near the large window with beautiful curtains in classical style, there is a dining room zone for eight persons. The snow-white table of natural wood is surrounded by beautiful soft chairs with a noble bearing.Curtains design complements the luxury image of the interior studio apartment.Double curtains with a soft lambrequin are complemented by fringe and soft holders.

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