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Best Landscape Planning

This grand villa project is a reflection of professionalism and capabilities of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio. Our clients receive all services, from concept to full implementation. And in this project, we worked in all directions, including architectural design, interior design, and landscape design. In this article, we want to tell more about a landscape planning. Each design solution is based on a customers desire to get a luxurious and beautiful house, which will please, delight, and become a source of pride. Landscaping planning is one of the most important areas of the work. Each authors project becomes a beautiful frame of an architectural masterpiece and its harmonious continuation.

The main directions of landscape design in this project are

  • Artificial ponds.
  • Small architectural forms.
  • Fountains
  • Street lighting
  • Green spaces

Artificial ponds

In a hot climate, such an element of landscape design is the most popular. A large area allowed offering a lake-shaped pond with two waterfalls. Around the pond, there are exquisite gazebos. And the pond itself is made in the English style, and it as much as possible fits the natural landscape. All green plants were chosen accordingly. The pond is located at the beginning of the site, to the left of the main gate.

Small architectural forms

Small architectural forms in the landscape design are one way to emphasize a warmth and hospitality of house owners. In this project, there are many cozy gazebos of different sizes. The gazebos, which are in a form of tents and decorated with white silk, bring some elegant charm and festive mood. The gazebos harmoniously continue motives of the exterior, where you can see a stylish contrast of dark roofs and light walls.


Fountains have become one of the main decorations of the landscape pictures. And the large fountain in the center of the territory has become a real pride for the home owners. An amazing sculpture of galloping horses, water streams of a certain height, extra lighting at night. All these give a unique sense of aesthetic pleasure to guests and homeowners.

Street lighting

Modern technologies allow creating unique solutions in interior design, as well as in landscape design. And the lighting around the house has got not only a functional aspect, but also it is a way to add artistic expressiveness of the building. For street lighting, we proposed exquisite lanterns and additional lighting of small architectural forms, the fountains, and the building itself. The highlight of the project is decorative lamps placed at a certain distance along the paths.

Green spaces

And of course, the main elements of landscape design are green and flowering plants. This is the most time consuming and technically difficult moment of each project. It is preceded by a detailed study of the soil, the surrounding landscape. The plants are chosen so that the landscape please with new images throughout the year. We will tell in details about this topic in a separate article, which will reveal the subtleties of creating a landscape scenery, especially the selection of plants and care.

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