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Landscape Designs in Kenya

Modern architecture design by Luxury Antonovich Design is inextricably linked with layout design and landscape design. Landscaping companies around the world offer projects based on new technologies and specific requirements in the environment. And our studio design creates the luxury landscape design around the world. This landscape design project was developed for a high-end residential complex.

Extensive work of designers included such main stages as:

  • Water bodies design
  • Landscape gardening
  • Vertical hedge
  • Small architectural forms
  • Lawns and flower beds
  • Parking area construction
  • Other works on landscaping

We create exclusive projects, taking into account natural climatic conditions of a surrounding landscape, an architectural style of a building and a purpose of a building. This project was developed for a housing complex in Africa. Keeping in mind climatic conditions, we have offered a lot of water bodies, including a swimming pool and an artificial waterfall. All green areas are created in such a way that there is enough natural shade in daytime. And the area illumination is thought out so that you can comfortably stay at any time of a day. The peculiarity of this landscape design is that we needed to take into account the possibility to accommodate a large number on the territory around the house. The landscape designers of Luxury Antonovich Design, one of the best landscaping companies, created everything that everyone feels totally comfortable and can enjoy the beauty.

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