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Landscape Company UAE


The landscape area is typically one of the most anticipated features of an upscale house in Dubai. As it always highlights the richness of a natural outdoor location with a magnificent scenic creation. Antonovich Group, the leading landscape companies in UAE, consistently manages to conduct a novel outdoor design for every landscape design in Dubai. When it comes to landscape companies in UAE, there are extremely high requirements in terms of specifications, design, boundary wall height, and mood that improve the attractiveness of the outside and its idea. That is why style consistency is crucial for any landscape companies in UAE, as it shows how skilled the interior designers and architects have been in creating the appropriate atmosphere of harmony in all places both indoors and outside. Antonovich Group has long been known as the top landscape companies in UAE for bringing forth the greatest standards in every landscape design in Dubai, as well as the worlds best landscape style. Garden landscaping is a worthwhile investment.


The site assessment and planning are vital components of our methodology; it is critical that we identify several significant variables before we begin the Garden Design process. Because it is such an important component of the design process, we will begin by discussing what type of garden you want, what features you want to integrate, and what your financial restrictions are. We can help you choose materials that are right for your landscape setting, taking into account aesthetics, practicality, care, and, of course, your budget.

After we have examined your garden, we normally construct the design in one week. Our Team is conducting a proper procedure where we can present to every client the actual design setting according to the style that they require. As the best landscape companies in UAE, we take delight in all of our work at Antonovich Group, and you can be guaranteed that once your garden has been planned to your requirements and financial limits, it will be developed and implemented to the greatest standards. Our landscape architects and designers are extensively trained and talented in all parts of landscaping, and our installation crews are made up of them. Being the most trusted landscape companies in UAE, Antonovich Group can develop your garden, whether its paving, planting, installing water features, or building a swimming pool.


The architectural and design company Antonovich Group is engaged with not only the interior design but also the planting and decoration of the area around the house. If you want to create an unusual and wonderful atmosphere on your lot, you need to turn to the real professionals of the business. The landscaping design is being performed with the use of new technology, creative ideas, and requirement of the world designers. The architectural and landscape company UAE - Antonovich Group will realize all of this, which shows a high level in the field of landscape design in Dubai and gets the trust of many customers. The long-term experience of our company work allows drawing the facade in various original styles.

We put a piece of our soul into every landscaping idea so that you cannot simply evaluate the performance, but also enjoy the observed results. The landscape company UAE - Antonovich Group will provide you with everything you need in order to make your home a truly unique and unrepeatable masterpiece. Our highly qualified specialists will create a competent and rational project to improve your natural complex and perform the landscaping services Dubai. The landscape company UAE from the architectural team of Antonovich Group includes landscaping services such as gardening and land improvement, garden design, swimming pool Dubai, laying of the turf grass, the formation of the alleys, planting, which include the design measures, construction, and architecture.

Do you still think, who will make the outdoor design of your home?! Contact the best landscaping companies in Dubai. The professionals of the architectural team of Antonovich Group always know how to surprise the customer.

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