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Italian Marble Inlay


Italian marble inlay occupies a special place among all the fit-out materials. It is quite expensive, but is fully compensated by a stunning aesthetic appearance and performance characteristics. Due to the variety of designs and textures of marble inlay (mosaic), you can create unusual decorative compositions.

The fit-out of walls and floor with marble mosaic tiles in recent years is at the peak of popularity. Any surface with such a coating looks impressive and noticeable. It attracts attention and causes admiration. Especially if you prefer the collection of Italian marble from Luxury Antonovich Design. The best masters work here. The most trendy decors are created in this company. The highest quality of the products is guaranteed by our manufacturers. With us you are sure to be able to choose the format of products, and the style that fits your interior. Our company is famous by a careful approach to the production of its series and strict quality control of products:

— The production uses only modern digital technology for the application of patterns and drawings.

— The entire marble tile is created from environmentally friendly raw materials so that it does not in any way harm human health.

— Each element is tested for durability and resistance to a variety of factors.


Marble Italian inlay from Luxury Antonovich Design is a high quality that does not require proof. Thousands of consumers from all over the world preferred materials from this country, because they are durable and work with them as easily as possible.

— All proposals have the correct geometry. For this type of product it is very important, because it directly affects the quality of work.

— Collections differ perfectly by matched colors. Paints are always tasty combined and never annoying.

— A wide range of proposals allows you to implement in your room any design tricks and fantasies.

Marble inlay of Italian production, represented in Luxury Antonovich Design Company, is a synonym for impeccable quality. Wear resistance, durability, resistance to temperature changes are the main characteristics of this fit-out (facing) material. Also, indisputable advantage is ease in care. Exact geometric shapes or miniature parts of irregular shape, scattered in a free order on a mosaic canvas, involuntarily catch the eye. Italian mosaic tile (marble inlay) is equally well suited for fit-outs for kitchens, bathrooms, pools and spas. Specialists of Luxury Antonovich Design Company will help in choosing the material and will design the type of room so that you can see how it will look at a specific example.

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