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Interior Design Villa In Oman

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Luxury Antonovich Design has transformed this Luxury Villa Design Oman into a welcoming atmosphere by incorporating a variety of stunning pieces of furniture. Creating a stylish Oman interior design is not easy. A superb layout necessitates extensive research and the help of a professional. Luxury Antonovich Design, a leading interior design company in Oman, can help you create the elegant Oman interior design of your dreams. The excellent lighting adds to the beauty of the walls. This area is completed by beautiful lighting and elegant chandeliers that hang above it. The goal of this luxurious Muscat interior design is to create a great environment with lovely luxury items. The accents and pattern elements combine to create a beautiful beauty. It has a natural feel about it, but with a hint of elegance and sophistication. The general aesthetic of Omans interior design is intended to appeal to both men and women. The beautiful wall features add to the creative flair of the luxurious OMAN interior design. Elegant furniture designs are included in the premium OMAN interior design. The picture is completed by the excellent rooms wonderful interior décor. The lights are standard white with a hint of class, but the chair next to them is a beautiful design. Luxury Antonovich Design has assured that every part of the room is outfitted with exceptional features such as the materials used, which is why a top interior design company in OMAN is essential for a luxury interior design. This is to keep the owner comfortable at all times.


With all of its sparkle and splendor, the luxury Muscat Luxury Villa Design Oman provides the space with a sense of grandeur from every angle. All of the relevant designs are present in every part of the room. Your lovely Luxury Villa Design Oman will be accommodated by the contemporary and spacious interior design. The huge, light-colored doors are also a prominent feature in the room, providing a terrific focal point. Luxury Antonovich Design assured that every detail of the room is immaculate and built with the class and elegance that your luxury interior design deserves. The luxury Oman interior design features beautiful artwork and designs! This beautiful Luxury Villa Design Oman design features a high ceiling and long curtains. This interior design is wonderful since it combines luxury elements in high designs and luxury furniture designs. The exquisite interior design is dominated by greens and whites, producing a one-of-a-kind color palette. Luxury and attractive style principles are at the heart of the design. It appears to be a room for a house, with its clean and inviting Oman interior design and interior style.


Top furniture designs, vast layouts, lavish wall decors, fine furnishings, dramatic colors, and lovely details characterize this magnificent living room design. This Luxury Villa Design Oman living room design places a premium on luxury. Luxury Antonovich Design, OMANs best interior design firm, has produced a modern luxury interior that is ideal for the Muscat lifestyle. The attractively designed rooms have wonderful touches in every corner. With green accents and ample room, the opulent Oman interior design is one of the best in the city. Creating a Luxury Villa Design Oman interior design like this one without the help of the top interior designers in Muscat is difficult. This exquisite Luxury Villa Design Oman interior design was produced in a professional style by Luxury Antonovich Design and its best interior designers in Muscat. The intricacy of the design is lovely, and the dominating color scheme is gold and white. The opulent living area has a consistent theme. The beautiful and elegant furnishings contribute to the modern luxury ambiance. For a Muscat home, a luxury living room interior design is ideal.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Muscat, Oman

Plot Size: 2,960 sq. ft

Build Size: 1,768 sq. ft

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