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Gorgeous Apartment Design in Moscow


Your style could be described as contemporary if you prefer sleek, modern designs with textured accents and clear lines (especially if you like following the latest trends in decorating). And youve come to the perfect place if youre seeking ideas for a contemporary apartment room. To make it easier to understand, our skilled interior designers have created this luxury modern interior design in Moscow. Here are trendy ideas for decorating your apartment and room in a contemporary style to get you started. Less is more in this case for the luxury modern interior design in Moscow. Contemporary does not imply coldness or minimalism; rather, it implies warmth, flair, and personalization. So, the goal is to keep your styling simple while elevating your décor to a classy level. Contemporary apartments and rooms are defined by strong lines, whether they are vertical, horizontal, or curved. Lines and geometric shapes can be used as structural features and décor accents, respectively. You can also do it by using color blocking on some of your walls or furniture. We choose furniture that is both striking and simple in design. For example, instead of a cluttered sofa, choose a smooth curving chesterfield sofa in a neutral color — gray – thats one way to go contemporary. Use a light background with this strong piece. We use furniture that is both space-saving and has a lot of built-in storage. The table arrangement in the photos above saves a lot of room.


If the rest of the room is neutral, consider wood and monochrome large-scale color. Use high-gloss or matte black, wood, or metals to frame your design. If you want to make a statement, use sculptural things in bright colors. We use luxury modern interior design in Moscow side tables with metal, stone, or glass tops. Just make sure there arent too many accent pieces in the room. Keep them to a minimum and evenly spaced. In this luxury modern interior design in Moscow furnishings, we use fascinating patterns or self-patterns. However, we avoid using too many bright designs and colors. We use neutral couches, striped window drapes, or a patterned rug in a neutral space, but maintain everything neutral. Fancy and heavy fringes and tassels on sofa coverings, chairs, and drapes should also be avoided. In a contemporary luxury modern interior design in Moscow room, choose any color for the walls, but balance them off with neutral or milder tones.


Recessed lighting, cove lighting, and spotlights can all be used to great advantage for this luxury modern interior design in Moscow, especially to draw attention to the artwork. Colored or metallic wall sconces can be mounted. A beautiful floor lamp or chandelier would also look great. In the luxury modern interior design in Moscow, choose wood, tile, or vinyl flooring. Use patterned tiles sparingly — if the rest of your luxury modern interior design in Moscow is neutral or monochrome, opt for striped or geometric print carpeting. Earthy tones like grays are among the other popular colors with a similar concept as this luxury modern interior design in Moscow. We use a variety of textures to decorate. We made use of a lot of natural resources. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton, linen, silk, and jute can be used for upholstery. Wood and industrial work well in contemporary settings. Telling your story via your home is the most crucial part of contemporary styling. You may quickly transform your luxury modern interior design in Moscow into a contemporary-style one now that you have so many concepts to work with. To bring your contemporary room ideas to life, contact Luxury Antonovich Design now.

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