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Furniture lighting fixtures


In a modern interior, lighting is no longer just an accessory that provides visibility in the dark. Chandeliers, sconces and other lighting fixtures are introduced into the design, turn into a complete tool for creating comfort in the room. Artificial light is inextricably linked with natural light.

An important factor will be the choice of quality lighting. Correctly selected lamps or chandeliers can completely change your apartment beyond recognition, for this it is not necessary to rearrange or even change furniture, you need to choose and place lighting fixtures in the room correctly.

Lamps, floor lamps, sconces and chandeliers by Luxury Antonovich Design not only provide the necessary level of light, but also make the interior interesting, bright, emphasize specific design elements. Lighting allows you to change the color of the room, the atmosphere, emphasize the merits or, conversely, hide the flaws of the layout. Therefore, the layout of light sources is also a responsible occupation. You can choose a beautiful chandelier or lamp both in a specialized and in a wide-profile store.


Luxury Antonovich Design offers a large selection of decorative lighting for any need. In our online catalog you will find:

Chandeliers. This is the decoration of any home. Chandelier is the queen in the world of lighting. The design of chandeliers can be whatever you like: classic, hanging, candles, country, with a lampshade, ceiling, crystal, especially for lighting tables, halogen, etc.

Sconce is another compact and functional light source. The sconce will fit into any room. Like chandeliers, they are made in a variety of designs (candle, classic, modern).

Floor lamps are convenient and functional devices. In our assortment there are floor lamps that will provide the desired level of light in a particular area.

Table lamps.

Lamps for bathtubs, corridors, balconies, childrens rooms, etc.

Garlands can be used not only for advertising purposes, but also in the decoration of rooms. Want to create a festive mood? Garland will cope with this task best!

Spotlights — a modern solution for homes and offices. Mounted in suspended ceilings, arches, etc. Spotlights allow you to illuminate the desired area with low electricity consumption.

A properly selected light source from Luxury Antonovich Design can emphasize in a favorable light the advantages of a bedroom, a nursery, a living room, a restaurant or an office. Selection is carried out depending on the premises and the goals that you pursue.

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