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Designing a home office, man cave, or other special room in classic style keeps the space timeless and classy. Traditional specialty room design is sophisticated and always in style, but you must be careful not to make it appear too old-fashioned. To keep your specialty room looking fresh, consider using solid colors and avoiding too many antiques and patterns in the space. Instead, choose your traditional elements carefully and avoid crowding your space. Consider incorporating some statement pieces from around the world, from unexpected countries. Consider using pops of color or colorful patterns on furniture and fabric. All of these steps will make your traditional specialty room design look more modern and less stuffy. Your flooring can tie the whole thing together. Using our room design tool, you can find the ideal flooring material, color, and design for your space. Begin designing the ideal specialty space right away!

Classic flooring is always fashionable, and it's a great way to tie your room's furniture and decor together. Consider durable carpet or laminate for a specialty room that will be used by children or the entire family. The good news is that those materials come in a wide range of styles and colors. Antonovich Group makes choosing your flooring style simple. Simply choose the material you want to use to see the available colors and styles. Change the material to expand your options.

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