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Fit-Out Office


Luxury Antonovich Design, one of the best Office Fit-Out & Interior Design Companies in Dubai, is a reputable fit out contractor in the UAE that is a well-known and leading contractor throughout the country due to its comprehensive range of fit-out products and construction services. Through efficient and adaptable management, the company also hopes to build a solid relationship with its clientele. The tasks that are completed during the pre-construction stage are the foundation for a successful construction Commercial fit-out project. The fundamental goal of this stage is to supply both the institution owner and the service provider with a dependable, complete, and accurate source of information. This information allows the Commercial fit-out project Office Fit-Out Expert team to make exact judgments about the services timeline, pricing, and quality. These techniques in pre-construction will assist in carrying out realistic timelines, pricing, and planned structures of the property in order to grasp the Commercial fit-out projects constraints. Site monitoring, waste management, evaluation of existing facilities and site components, and a study of building guidelines are all included in these procedures. This is to ensure that the Commercial fit-out project is both potentially safe and a vision that will be realized. Design and space planning will also be done. Because the design attracts the most attention, pay close attention to its evolution as it is one of the best ways to influence and gratify the establishments workers and visitors. For functional elements, spaces should be correctly split and structured.


This phase includes design coordination meetings with consultants, as well as experts examining and evaluating the plans practicality on the Commercial fit-out project. As more requirements are created through these discussions, time and budget are optimized throughout the process. Both the Commercial fit-out project Office Fit-Out Expert team and the clients should carefully consider calculating the likely fit out construction cost to avoid losing money, overpaying, cost overruns, and failing to complete the Commercial fit-out project. Luxury Antonovich Design, one of the best Office Fit-Out & Interior Design Companies in Dubai, delivers these three primary steps of fit-out construction, as well as the services contained in each phase, in order to provide consumers with high-quality, efficient, and effective services. These calculations are used to determine the extent of the Commercial fit-out project and its feasibility within the financial constraints. Contractors utilize them as well when considering whether or not to bid on a job. These activities involve processes such as commissioning, identifying requirements, forming a design Office Fit-Out Expert team, designing, bidding, and contract signing.


Mandatory permits and licenses are also required to progress with the construction process. Building permissions, plumbing, electrical, water consumption, fire management, and safety permits, among other things, are frequently required. Regular meetings can also be held to ensure that all parties are in the loop about the status of the construction Commercial fit-out project. During these meetings, site progress, design issues, such as health and safety, and other concerns will be examined to ensure that everything is running well. Electrical, mechanical, cabling, plumbing, drainage, sanitary, and fire safety services are among the services provided by fit out contractors during this phase. While the Commercial fit-out project is being built, appointed workers will oversee it on a regular basis to guarantee that it is completed on schedule. The handover or practical completion is the final step in the fit out construction process. This just indicates that the place is available and ready for people to use. Aside from the finishing touches, a final inspection is required to determine the overall appearance and condition of the completed product and output.

Scope: Architecture & Interior Design

Project Location: Dubai, UAE

Plot Size: 2,960 sq. ft

Build Size: 1,768 sq. ft

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