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The Interior Fit-out refers to the development of making an interior space ready for occupation. The interior setting is being arranged according to the perspective design wherein the interior decorations, materials, and furniture will be installed. Luxury Antonovich Design has broadened the definition of interior fit-out work as the team performs the highest standards of executions and implementations of every design that will create every project the most stylish and elegant.

Luxury Antonovich Design has very high standards in selecting the team that will be part of every project execution that we are handling as it will be carrying our world-class company name and dignity, and for that, we are very proud to say that the Luxury Antonovich Design team has its great professionalism, world-class skills, and knowledge that has the ability to perform the best interior design developments. Artistic Gypsum and ceiling works are only some of the major areas in every interior design that has to be remained focused on, as it will be representing naturally artistic craftsmanship full of creativity and style that only a professional team has the ability to perform.

fitout bedroom

Being the best interior fit-out company in UAE, Luxury Antonovich Design is always inspired to create different artworks of art that will be part of every interior design’s glam. Working with the Fit-out work developments might be a very challenging task at the same time always gives great pleasure for the full team as it will be very well executed flawlessly and achieve the client’s satisfaction. Every Interior design that the Luxury Antonovich Design is handling has a special significant style that has been very well executed with full of exclusivity that reflects the clients lifestyle. The full professional team is always making sure to embody the full luxurious design executions to perform a very spectacular interior design.



Luxury Antonovich Design provides the absolute needs of every customer to be able to transform their property into a masterpiece. Nothing will be missed as we always manage to remain focused on every single detail to be able to achieve the most desirable design setting. Our team works with the world-class manufacturing and factory that supplies premium class materials and decorations. Having our demonstrated track record of excellent quality and dependability, we always guarantee to bring out all the best solutions and finest design results. Our team always manages to collaborate with the customer to estimate, plan, and design the area. We assist the customer in selecting and obtaining the necessary furnishings.

We offer the finest interior fitout solutions with the most functional design and world-class quality in composition. Every interior fitout project is being performed and delivered by a highly trained in-house team, and completed to the highest standards of execution. We have our in-house skilled craftsmen use cutting-edge manufacturing and interior installation techniques to create spaces that provide the highest level of premium quality and workmanship.

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As we offer a complete interior fit-out service in Dubai, we have always been committed to performing the finest project design solutions that aim to deliver global standards. Luxury Antonovich Design is an Interior Fit Out Company in Dubai that delivers plans of the greatest quality that only serve to complement and enrich their surroundings since exclusive houses demand careful and meticulous attention to detail. Our manufacturing and management capabilities play a critical role in delivering high-end projects on time and on budget, from concept creation to project completion. Weve created an exceptional reputation for offering high-quality interior fit-out services by working closely with contractors, designers, architects, construction experts, clients, and client representatives.

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As the Top Fitout Contractor in Dubai, our goal is to offer every residential property a distinctive refurbishment from our greatest talent and ability to perform the finest interior design solution, as well as to bring out innovative ideas. Despite the fact that each remodel is unique, we endeavor to make every property stand out by having the perfect form of uniqueness and elegance. Luxury Antonovich Design was indeed the best choice of every property owner in bringing their dream home to reality. Our competencies are the foundation of our success, and quality is always a priority. Our goal is to execute projects on time, on budget, and to the highest standards by following tight in-house quality procedures from initial material selection through the final turnkey stage.

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