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Fine Curtain Design


Have a hard time buying curtains in Dubai? Then you are probably on the right site as Luxury Antonovich Design has shared important points and ideas on how to buy the right curtain for your interior in Dubai. Installing house curtains is a terrific method to improve the design of a home as well as add seclusion. There are apartment curtains to suit every taste, with literally hundreds of fabric, design, and color options to select from. Pre-made villa curtains are easy to purchase and fit any budget, despite the fact that many individuals spend thousands of dollars on personalized window coverings.

Measure the windows and keep track of them. Measure the height and breadth of each window that requires house curtains with a metal measuring tape. Measure the height and breadth of each window at the top, center, and bottom for exact measurements. Make precise measurements, label height, and breadth appropriately, and do rounding.

Choose a certain style. You may select a casual, semi-formal, or formal design depending on the décor of your house and the purpose of the space in which you want to install office curtains. Kitchens look wonderful with cafe house curtains and stand-alone valances, while formal living rooms and dining rooms look best with heavy, pleated ceiling-to-ceiling drapes. Flat or pleated panels created from a single piece of cloth, as well as swag top treatments that reach down the sides of the window frame, are two more common types.

Select a fabric. Traditional patterns look great with satin, silk, and jacquard, which give a formal appearance. Home curtains with an open weave or casement are significantly more informal and have a more evident texture in general.

Behind thick curtains and in casual situations, curtain liners are the best option. In places where one requires extra privacy, such as bedrooms, liners are also a smart solution. Home curtains may be protected with high-quality liners from fading due to sun exposure, as well as from moisture or dirt that collects in small spaces between window frames and panes. Installed insulated liners or used a blackout lining to exclude sunlight from entering a room to save electricity.

Accessories for blinds in Dubai. For curtain hanging, you must purchase a rod, but most additional accessories are not required. Finials, tiebacks, holdbacks, tassels, and trim are all ornamental elements that may improve the look and function of your curtains in the house.


Curtains for the home can be hung on rods in a variety of ways. Grommet tops, which contain metal-lined holes for rod insertion, and tab tops, which have simple fabric tabs that loop around rods, are also quite popular. The majority of conventional Villa curtains shirr onto the rods, hiding the rod by simply bunching the cloth around it.

Ceiling or floor curtains, or the top of a windowpane that extends down to the floor, can be used in a residence. Puddle your curtains or allow them to gather on the floor to create rippling folds akin to puddles for a fashionable, formal aesthetic. In a space where house curtains must be pulled back or moved on a track often, puddling may make window coverings exceedingly heavy, which may be unsuitable.

If you are looking for the best curtain shops in Dubai, you may want to check out our widest variety of luxury curtains design which is being showcased at our luxury furniture showroom in Dubai – Luxury Antonovich Home. Our latest designer curtains creations are also available thru online shopping on our very own website. Our luxury curtains design and services are being implemented not only in Dubai but also in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the Cities of the UAE. Curtains UAE indeed requires a very high standard in terms of materials, fabrics, and accessories. And since that Luxury Antonovich Design has very high standards in terms of curtains design, every client in the UAE has always trusted our company and its services.

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