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Fantastic bedroom interior


Bedrooms have been around for a very long time. It played an important part in our daily lives and interior designs have also evolved as time goes by. This particular bedroom interior by Luxury Antonovich Design leans towards a more futuristic look, unfolding a trendy and advanced innovative design. This will be the next big thing in interior designing, especially in our digitally advanced world. In this article, you will learn about how our amazing team brought the best futuristic bedroom design that you should try if you are looking to have a new motif to look forward to. It's an amazing interior design to play with different color variations and of course texture. The bedroom furniture used is all custom made to fit the bedroom's space. Our latest design might let you think of the latest sci-fi movie with it's overall modish aesthetic. 


From different textures that are unique and playful patterns that are sleek and modern, this futuristic bedroom design has a nice round bed that looks like a disc. Contrasted with a pastel blue color that looks dreamy in every way. The round bed design looks extraordinary and elegant. Our design is derived from an endearing color palette of white and blue to create a cool and breezy look. There are a lot of things to consider in having futuristic bedroom design.

  • Lighting: of course, lighting is a major aspect of any bedroom. We wanted to make your lives easier by installing smart lighting solutions that illuminate every corner of the room. 
  • Furniture: This will determine the main theme and design of your bedroom. The furniture design in this model bedroom has a round and curved edge that looks extremely modern. 
  • Fixture: The unique shapes creates a wonderful dynamic contrast to the room. Each fixture resembles a spaceship chamber which is designed with architectural curves. 
  • Chandelier: The main focal point of the bedroom is the quirky and fun chandeliers that look modern in every way. It adds a clean yet curved line which exudes in modernity. 
  • Crisp interior: futuristic design tends to look more clean and crisp. Even with the curved design it still manages to look more clean and elegant. 
  • Metallic: The metallic surfaces adds a contrasting design that adds a bold touch to the whole interior. 

Our team hopes that you'd love the creativity of this sleek modern futuristic bedroom. This model home will lead you to look forward to the new design and aesthetic of futuristic homes. 

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