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Right Selections of Furniture for Family Sitting Room

A luxury sitting area, also known as a living room or majlis, is a standard feature of any residential project. Luxury sitting rooms can be difficult to decorate because they take up a lot of interior space. In this article, Antonovich Group has shared some important points on how to perform an absolute design development towards a luxury sitting area. Metallic accents and decorations for living rooms and majlis interior design have recently become very popular. The gold metallic accents, combined with artistic crystal forms, add a luxurious and stylish touch to the interior. Antonovich Group has always promised to adhere to a strict space planning procedure in order to achieve flawless design implementations and fit-out work.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing new furniture is the size. To avoid overwhelming the room, the sofa should be well-fitting. If youre starting from scratch, youll need to consider the overall aesthetic of the space before purchasing a sofa. A large sectional couch can be placed in a large sitting room design; however, if you want to add an armchair or ottoman, a smaller sofa is required. Consider a two or three-seat sofa for smaller spaces to avoid clogging the space with furniture. The use of neutral colors as a base will enhance the very artistic and elegant setting of furniture design and decoration, completing an amazing interior design mood of a luxury sitting area.

Every home interior design has a distinct style and layout that sets it apart as one-of-a-kind and exceptional. Aside from a living room or entrance lobby, some of the most opulent homes require a very special place for the family to feel so comfortable and cozy that they can stay for an extended period of time, known as the family sitting area.

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