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Exterior design in UAE


As the leading Architecture and Interior Design Company in UAE, Every time that we are creating an Exterior Design in this country, we are always considering and taking importance with the focus with the Materials that shall be used according to the weather. Since that the UAE is part of the Middle East which is having two seasons only, Extreme Winter and heavy summer as it is situated at the heart of the Dessert, However, the Entire city has been developed and some of the cities are now composed with different Modern architecture structures. Luxury Antonovich Design has managed to implement all the exterior design still with an Arabian touch as a respect for the culture.

This area is one great part of the Exterior Design; We have chosen to preview this Design part as we would like to present the proper selection of the Concrete Materials that we have chosen that even in one look you can say it is from the premium standard. The very stylish Window has been very well coordinated with the stylish carvings of the hard and thick exterior wall. This very relaxing sitting area situated on the main balcony of the House was very well coordinated and arranged. We have selected high-class Outdoor furniture’s to complete this set. A very relaxing sitting area has been arranged with very well-coordinated colours of Native sofa set matching with the base of the circle table. It has been topped with a very comfortable beige colour foam with a very nice arrangement of stylish pillows. On the other side was a wonderful dinner set with a high-quality marble top table and a Natively made chairs. The full balcony area is surrounded with colourful plants and decorated with Arabian style decorations. In the other side area of the balcony is a small Tea area wherein a very sophisticated sitting area has been arranged. We have consistently managed to match it with the native style furniture of the other part of the balcony; however, we have chosen to maximize the space by using a very stylish outdoor chair.

Creating every Exterior Design with uniqueness and sophistication was always been our Trademark as we believe that working with passion and originality is always lead to a very successful project. And it was always been our great pleasure working with our Local Clients in UAE and provide all the best solutions and developments towards every work with a touch of Arabic Style as always. Luxury Antonovich Design Team is not only working for excellence but also with the complete inspiration to provide all the exceptional service towards every work.

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