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Exclusive bedroom interior By Luxury Antonovich Design


Twin beds are making a come back. It is usually designed as a room for siblings or even guests. This is a classic choice for kid's rooms or even guest rooms, having a pair of bed is perfect for servicing a guest of two or more. This design that we have in this bedroom is more on a traditional with contemporary pieces, twin beds can easily pull off a bedroom. This creates a more luxurious look and it also adds a roomier space which is a perfect element in a bedroom. This bedroom by Luxury Antonovich Design is a perfect depiction of a classic and modern look. We make sure to consider twin beds because it fits more perfectly. This is essential because not all guests want to sleep in the same bed. We used a nice balance of light and a pop of turquoise blue in this bedroom. A neutral palette is such a pleasing color while turquoise is a nice elegant color that is tranquil and unique. All bedrooms reflect a private space, the sanctuary gives you a nice relaxation after a long tiring day, it is a place where you rest the tired body and free your soul. It is important for our team at Luxury Antonovich Design to create a bedroom that will give you a serene and relaxing comfort after a long day. We make sure to add an equal touch of luxury and aesthetics to your bedroom. 

  • Accents: Anything plain will look amazingly stunning with just a simple touch of gold. This white and turquoise bedroom get an opulent look with just a touch of gold - gold touches within the room and the furniture. 
  • Chandelier: This show-stopping chandelier made everything look better in this bedroom. The crystal look of the chandelier reflects a nice amount of light all around which makes the bedroom look more ambient and dreamy. 
  • Patterns: If you have observed from the images above, we applied geometric patterns in the headboard to add a nice touch of modernity. 
  • Color: Turquoise is one of the most favored colors in bedrooms because of its cool, timeless and relaxing feel. This also adds a crisp shade of color which is perfectly relaxing for a bedroom. 


A bedroom is like another dimension in our home where you can relax. This bedroom with twin beds is one of our amazing works. It also has its own bathroom to make the guests comfortable. It also gives them more privacy to use their own personal bathroom instead of going out in the common bathroom area. The design is derived from a contemporary look that mixes a nice amount of classic pieces with modern touches. This is quite a popular bedroom style because it merges two worlds as one. If you're looking for a professional that can provide all your bedroom needs starting from the planning up until the construction then, we are the right company to call for it. Feel free to message and call us for more details. 

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