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Wallpaper murals are becoming increasingly popular, and homeowners are adopting these wall patterns to make a statement. There is no limit to what would make a fantastic mural, but some ideas include large woods, global maps, and stunning floral arrangements. Everyone loves nature and we try to bring the beauty of the outside world into our homes every chance we get. Combining the indoors and outdoors with animals and birds in their natural settings among a backdrop of lush plants brings a sense of serenity into our lives. Wallpaper can be seen and felt. Reed wallpaper, upholstery, canvas, and leather are just a handful of the textures that may be used as wallpaper. Some interior designers combine textures in the same room to produce a strong, one-of-a-kind, or personal statement.

Imitation stone, wood, and brick are just a few examples of how wallpaper may incorporate natural surface contrast into any wall covering project. While a real wood or brick wall may be desired, it may be hard to build owing to structural constraints. Modern photographic transfer techniques make wallpapers like this massive mural design seem authentic from a short distance, saving you money and effort.

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