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Dubai Hills Estate


Luxury Antonovich Design, Interior Design consulting Dubai Hills villa, designed this amazing and lovely Luxury villa design in Dubai hills with the idea of elegance in mind. The attention to detail from floor to ceiling is incredible. The colors that were used complemented each other nicely. Creating Dubai hills house interior design that speaks to the heart of the client is one of the companys key values. It is a collaboration between the two, and they always ensure that the homeowners will enjoy the Home interior design Dubai hills that they create.

This luxurious villa interior design in Dubai Hills was filled with the most unique and incomparable settings. From its architecture design up to every design detail of the interior arrangement was indeed has very special detail which you can never see in a typical villa design. Luxury Antonovich Design has performed the most systematic procedure of interior design development which features a state of the art creations made up of the most expert design team.

Dubai Hills Estate has a very high requirement when it comes to architectural design improvement of every property. What Luxury Antonovich Design does is accomplish the complete requirement, permits either it is governmental or non-governmental agencies as well to the property management of the Dubai Hills Estate. As the top Architecture and Interior Fit-out Company in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design has been always the most trusted company when it comes to developing prestigious villas located at the prime residential properties in Dubai.


The Dubai hills house interior design layout must be considered while creating a premium interior design. Its difficult to create if you dont have a particular style. Every element of the Home interior design Dubai hills is designed with elegant embellishments that any wealthy owner will appreciate. Get ready to be amazed at the spectacular interior setting of this luxurious villa as being welcomes with the most prestigious interior mood. Every detail has the finest touches of elegance like no other. The undeniable beauty of this interior is very well inspired by the elegance of open area spaces.

Luxury Antonovich Design has managed to perform an open lay-out interior on its entrance area although the receiving space. This is where an artists dome roof is made up of art glass with a combination of fiber and stained glass. With a great splash of royalty design, indeed the dome roof gives a fascinating mood in the interior. Performing a dome roof design is not a typical task which everybody can do, It takes the most professional and experienced team that has the full ability to perform the finest setup. With a combination of art, creativity, and craftsmanship, Dome roof is being performed. And this skill is one of the special features which the Luxury Antonovich Design team is offering. Most of the Royal Villas in Dubai as well as Arabian style home requires a different style of dome-roof design. And this quadratic-shaped dome roof is distinctively made especially for this villa in Dubai Hills. There is also no excuse to arrange a natural plant and tree for indoors as there is access for the natural sunlight from the dome roof as it is made up of glass.


An exquisite villa interior only deserves the best furniture arrangement. And with this villa interior in Dubai Hills Estate, Luxury Antonovich Design has formed different sets of customized furniture which matches the magnificent interior mood of the villa. From unique furniture design, sophisticated chandeliers, and artistic floor design. Another special feature of this villa is the fireplace design topped with an extravagant mirror design with artistic details. Every wall is filled with creative gypsum and wall decoration details that match the wonderful dome roof design.

The furniture is high-quality and handcrafted with incredible attention to detail. Overall, the Dubai hills villa contemporary design has been a wonderful place to unwind and relax after a long day. To accomplish a luxury interior design, it is centralized with the finest of the best furniture designs, interior decor and best Dubai hills villa Luxury Interior design.

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