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Design for your dream house

It starts with a dream

Have you ever heard of the phrase, it starts with a dream, and followed by action. It is important for your dream house to be a reality but you have to be wise in choosing the architecture firm that will help you build your home. Materializing the clients dream, we make sure to deliver and match the necessary guidelines for the clients desires and design ideas. Designing a dream house is a major decision that the Luxury Antonovich Design is aware of and very careful about. The firm makes sure that the basic functionality of the home is also met. It is not always about the design aesthetics but also, if the desire of the client matches the standard procedures. We make sure that the clients requests and the guidelines are met in between to create the perfect house design.


The most important thing that we consider when designing for the clients dream house is their budget. It is a guide that both parties can use to be able to explore which design fits the price range. Once these budget has been proposed it is easier to start and move on with the project. Considering the need for the materials, that should be purchased to make sure that everything is still high-quality.

The planning

A construction especially if it is as special as a dream house should be a complicated yet, very satisfying project to start. Our team will help you on how to overcome the problems that may arise and we assure you that we got everything covered. A fine variant of luxury houses in classical style was offered by designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design for the owner of an elite real estate. This is a terrific example of how in a small apartment can create such a respectable and luxurious environment. The very contemplation of a detailed visualization of the luxury house interior that gives an incomparable aesthetic pleasure. And there is in this space sea of happy emotions. The interior is saturated with a diverse decor, which makes it interesting, expressive and stylish. Especially festive and elegantly looks ceiling decor. It was decorated with a magnificent crystal chandelier and a rectangular niche with LEDs through the openwork ornaments made of gypsum illuminated. Additional small ceiling lamps complement the expressiveness of the interior.

The guidelines

  • Prepare your self, the project requires a lot of time, patience, and energy.
  • Guide our team but let us do the work. We make sure to work hands-on with your dream house project.
  • It is important to use high-quality expensive materials that will last a lifetime.

The Dream House Design

The most exciting part of the dream house construction is having the chance to create it yourselves. It gives you the opportunity to lay out all the details that you want and discuss it with the architects and designers. fulfilling your requests and turning your dreams to reality. An interesting idea was the use of three lamps in Arabic style, which decorated the kitchen area. This is a fine and subtle hint at the cultural traditions of the country, which the owner of the apartment esteems and respects. The lush and rich decor of the walls adds a luxury mood to the interior of the studio apartment. The top of the wall is a broad molding with curls of stucco decoration, which are covered with gilding. Below, there is a strip of the snow-white wave of stucco, which plays a wonderful chiaroscuro under the light of a chandelier. Paneling framed by decorative plaster in pearly white tones, and inside they are filled with beautiful silk wallpaper with large ornaments. The floor design continues the magnificent and elegant mood of the interior. Beautiful Italian marble is decorated with authors carved patterns of marble several kinds.

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