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Custom Bedroom Interior Design in Dubai


Have you considered about fitted bedroom furniture? Do you think you wouldn't fit in a fitted bedroom? Unsure about the advantages of purchasing handmade handcrafted furniture? Did you understand how simple and affordable it is? Having trouble ordering the desired style? If you answered no to any of these questions, keep reading because you might be surprised. Whether you're looking for modern, contemporary, opulent, or rustic-fitted bedroom furniture, The Antonovich Group will work directly with you to create the bedroom of your dreams.

Fitted bedrooms may be made to fit whatever shape or size you want, whether your room is a standard square, oval, or weird matrix of nooks and crannies. floor-to-ceiling height. A top to ceiling opening has removed the dust from the tops of the wardrobes. The webs of spiders that like to hide in furniture and wall corners may be seen.

Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture in Dubai may be decorated with a broad range of materials, including glass, marble, mirror, stainless steel, wood textures, and hand-painted patterns in more than 130 Farrow & Ball hues. These are only a few possibilities. This is the moment to unleash your creativity. You no longer have to worry about finding storage for all of your clothes, blankets, and other belongings. We can design cabinets, furniture, and shelves in any size and shape; the only limitation is the size of the available area. You could even want to include a safe for the valuables. Virtually everything is a possibility. Almost everything you can imagine, we can probably build. Fitted mattresses provide you room to store things like shoes, money, important papers, large collections, toys, and video games. You can even choose to include a secret entrance that leads to your hidden treasure. The headboard can also get extra storage added to it.

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