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Curtains for best interiors

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Fashion dictates its requirements not only in terms of creating its own style in clothing. The annual changes also concern the design of home interior, and the designers create unique interiors based on fresh fashion trends and giving preference to the most popular direction. The design of apartments, houses and office space would not be complete without attention to the space of the window. First of all, Luxury Antonovich Design creates comfort and coziness in your home, apartment, office taking into account the peculiarities of the interior.

Drapery by Luxury Antonovich Design is thoughtful and appropriate in style, gives the room a special charm, simultaneously performing practical functions of sun protection and prying eyes. Author's curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design differ in a variety of models, use of original modifications of habitual curtains. The most popular among the company's customers are minimalism, hi-tech, classical and naturalistic approaches in curtains design. Slightly moving away from the concise forms and discreet design, our leading designers offer to add a little more brightness and create a sense of celebration in your interior.


A return to classic designs is somewhat overdeveloped. In our curtains showroom, you can see examples of draperies, layering, an abundance of decorative elements and a certain pretentiousness of models of velvet and expensive fabrics. And modern versions are distinguished by a huge variety of colors and shades, the use of prints, embroidery, as well as an extraordinary approach to the combination of individual curtains fragments.

Luxury Antonovich Design offers tailor-made curtain service that will truly transform a room, create a new stylish setting. Our designers will offer you a variety of models and design ideas. You can choose fabrics with different prints and textures, and our experienced designers will advise you on the best solution that suits your preferences and interior particularities.

The practical purpose of the room makes certain adjustments to the principles of arrangement. Bedroom and living room, kitchen and bathroom are distinguished by their functional purpose, therefore they are decorated in accordance with certain principles. Multi-layer construction and the use of modern fabrics with special light-penetrating characteristics from Luxury Antonovich Design will allow to successfully solve two main tasks at once. In order to avoid some gloominess with the curtains closed, our experienced design masters recommend giving preference to light colors. Decorating curtains implies a bright fantasy. Braided cords, ribbons of contrasting fabrics, braided elements or embroidery — all of these options deserve your attention in the decorative art of the interior.

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