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Curtains Manufacturing UAE


Classy and stylish curtain design has been very in demand for every interior design of prestigious properties in Dubai. Due to the weather of this wonderful country that has an extremely hot during summer and freezing cold during winter, though there are a lot of properties that has a fully glass windows, the blackout cutains has been always the top recommended. Blackout curtains can be very stylish and classy most specially if it is compossed of the most exquisite materials. Luxury Antonovich Deisgn offers not only blackout curtain design but also complete services which includes blackout curtains installation Dubai. Our company also specialized in providing motorized curtains services in Dubai. The motorized curtains fixing in Dubai can be very challenging and only the top companies that can do manual or motorized installation curtains Dubai can do the best executions.

Luxury Antonovich Design company has the widest selection of elegant curtains design. These amazing curtains in guarantied made up of premium class materials and high quality finishing. Every prestigious curtain design is composed of the finest texture and artistic embroideries. The company has its own manufacturing and factory for furniture’s and curtains with its in house production team and skilled tailors that has the full capacity to perform a high end style and full of classy design for curtain, every luxurious curtain design is being showcased according to all sorts of concept that will be applicable in every luxurious projects.

Curtains are a very special decoration of every interior design set up that completes the full interior design setting elegantly. It contributes to the highest level of glam and elegance that will surely create the most pleasing design setting. That is why selecting the best curtain design is very important to perform in the most meticulous procedure. To select the best curtain design, it is always advisable to consult the best interior design specialist to be able to achieve the most desirable style according to the full concept design of the interior. Luxury curtains must always be composed of high-quality materials and full of elegance in every detail and finishing.

There might be different types of typical curtains that can be seen in the malls and shops but the luxurious and well-designed curtains which are specially crafted are very rare to find. These luxurious curtains are the ones that have been artistically well crafted to elegance by the top professional tailors and embroideries. It might be more expensive and costly than the other typical curtains but the quality and high materials that it has been completed is guaranteed made up of premium-class materials that will last a very long time.

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