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Cozy Sitting Room Design

Consider how you can draw the eyes attention so that you always have something to look at. Playing with the height of furniture in Dubai, ornamental objects, diverse art, and vegetation is the simplest way to achieve scale and add interest to your space. Hang a massive piece of art on one of your luxury living room interior design Dubai walls to create a focal point and add a "wow" factor to your space. Art provides instant value to a living area, which may seem obvious. Depending on the size of the area, you may want to place art on multiple walls, varying the heights and styles to create a sense of elegance and design.

The first and most obvious step in any design is to select a color palette for your space. Concentrate on colors and tones that make you feel at ease. To make a space look more luxurious, choose colors that complement each other rather than clashing. It may seem obvious, but sticking to two colors (maximum of three) will result in a more coherent design. Its easy to overthink design, but sometimes less is more. Add texture to the room after youve decided on a color scheme to make it more interesting. The texture is important in space because it adds dimension and a tactile sensation.

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