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Cozy Family Sitting Room Design


Selecting the right furniture design that will perfectly suit the family sitting area was indeed such a challenging task to perform. However, with the help of expert interior designers, the most desirable interior setting in the most favorite area of the family will be achieved with greatness in style and aesthetic perfection. In this cozy family sitting area, Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well arranged with each detail of decoration with a great sense of sophistication in a style that has been resulted in a classy and elegant interior design. Choosing the right furniture can be the most difficult part, however, in this family sitting area, the team has been obviously selected the finest furniture set up. Let us begin with the customized sofa design with a very unique style of curves which has been custom made in size and details of materials. Having a stainless steel base with shiny gold finishing creates a perfect match design for the rest of the interior decoration.

Indeed, having a furniture showroom that has its own manufacturing and factory is one of the greatest advantages of Luxury Antonovich Design. As it has its in-house production team which guarantees a premium class furniture design with high quality and world-class design. Luxury Antonovich Design is also very famous for creating customized furniture, chandeliers, carpets, and other decorations for the interiors which has been implemented in this project. Consistency in style is another important factor to consider, and with this luxurious interior design for the family sitting room, Luxury Antonovich Design has been very well performed the most dramatic effect of style that has a great fusion of style, hues, and every texture.


Ceiling – It is filled with the most exquisite design setting, with the elevated secondary panel, a magnificent LED light has been placed to create ombre lighting as the background. The top edges of the ceiling over the pure white gypsum design are a stainless steel length panel in the gold plate that creates a very eye-catching design. On the center is a huge pendant-style twin circular chandelier in gold plated steel base with a perfectly unique set of crystal glass cut.

Walls – Instead of using simple wall paint or wallpapers, Luxury Antonovich Design has leveled up the wall schemes covering it with the most prestigious selections of wall panels in magnificent marble material. This family sitting room design has a huge open glass window that creates a very calm and natural cozy effect. Luxury Antonovich Design covered it with the finest selection of fabrics for the curtain and shades design to give a very stylish accent towards the interior.

Floor- This family sitting room design has a luxury-modern interior concept. And to achieve a natural coziness in style, a wood parquet must be the best selection to fill in the elegance of the interior. And to achieve a special accent over the floor, a customized round-shaped carpet has been placed at the center that creates a very attractive mood and classy design.

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